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If you're like us, your animals are your family. Deciding who to leave them with when you aren't around is like deciding who to trust with your children. We feel the same way. It's important to know that whoever is in charge is capable and reliable, and knows just how important your pets are to you.

Part of the Pack is dedicated to giving you peace of mind while we're watching over your animals. We offer the highest value of service - service that we would want ourselves, for our animals. 

Welcome to Part of the Pack's website! From here you can navigate to all the information you're looking for. Be sure to check back often for updates!

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News Feed:

The Latest Pack News from Rachel.

January 7th-

Happy 2014! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are staying warm! It was quite frigid outside today but that didn't stop our pups from getting their exercise and loving it! 

We would like you to know that Part of the Pack is now based out of Hyannis! We still serve our old clients at their old rates of course, but we will be taking new jobs closer to the Hyannis area. We appreciate your business and are sorry about the change! Have a Happy Winter!

June 20th-

We are SO glad it's finally summer! Even though it's been raining plenty, we're so glad to be back on the trails and soaking up the sun. Call us soon, as we're getting started with our busy summer schedule! We can't wait to see all our snow dogs returning to the Cape and to meet all our new friends for the summer!

April 19th-

Part of the Pack is proud to announce that we are now insured!

March 10th-

We're so happy it's starting to get a little warmer! We've already met some new friends for the year, and we're very excited to meet more and more before the summer starts!

February 24th-

How is your winter going? Ours is busy, busy! We've been taking care of many new friends this winter. We've met many new dogs this winter, and we've even met some bunnies, hamsters, cats, and chickens! Part of the Pack is gearing up for the warm weather around the corner, and we hope you are, too!

November 11th-

We hope you got our newsletter that was sent out yesterday! It covers October and November, since we missed you last month! There's lots of important news in there, including a note from me, Rachel, about the current happenings of Part of the Pack. Have a great early holiday season everyone! We'll see you on the trails, if we can find them under all these fall leaves!

September 28th- 

We haven't updated the site lately because we've been SO BUSY! We are so excited that the fall has been so successful for us. We're as busy as we were this summer, if not busier! Thank you all so much!

We've got a new newsletter in the works, and we've updated the site for the month of October. Have a look around! Enjoy the cooler weather!

August 29th-

Our newsletter is being sent out very soon. If you aren't on the mailing list, consider it! Our newsletter has important info about our business, coupons, and updates! We hope you've had a great summer!

August 20th-

We're sorry we've been so absent! The internet at our HQ has been down for a few weeks, but should be up again shortly. This is the reason there have been few updates and no newsletter for August! Our plan is to send out an August/September combined issue when our connection is back. Sorry to keep you waiting. Also, our Cutest Pet Photo Contest on facebook is about to end, so go cast your last minute votes. We're proud to now be affiliated with Whimsy in Harwich Port. Be sure to check them out as well!

July 14th -

Part of the Pack has moved to Eastham. We're having lots of fun with new and old friends this summer. Stay tuned for our July newsletter! Don't forget - our Cutest Pet Photo Contest is still going on! There's plenty of time to enter and vote. 

June 15th - 

We're about to send out our June newsletter! We've got some exciting news. We're hosting a cutest pet photo contest on Facebook! Feel free to enter on our Facebook page! Also, by the end of the month we'll be relocating to Eastham! 

May 30th -

It's hot and humid. Welcome to Cape Cod summer! Be careful with your pups! If you have to leave them home, leave the windows open or make sure the AC will keep them cool. If you have to leave them in the car, leave the windows open and definitely don't leave them long. Keep them hydrated whether inside or outside. Keep checking for ticks, too! Be sure to keep yourself hydrated and be generous with the sunblock. Enjoy the weather! June newsletter is in the works!

May 25th-

Wow! We are SO busy! Part of the Pack is growing fast! All our new friends are so fun, we love you all. Stay tuned for our June newsletter at the beginning of the month!

May 5th-

Part of the Pack's newsletter is going out this afternoon. Are you on the mailing list? It will have lots of tips, tales, and great discounts for you! Sign up before you miss this our May newsletter!

April 29-

What a busy season. We've been outside a LOT and the weather has been wonderful. I know I've found lots of ticks on my animals already. Be sure to check your dogs thoroughly for ticks and other inhabitants of the outdoors! If you haven't already, be sure to pick up some kind of insecticide for your pooch!

April 26-

We're so excited to announce our new monthly newsletter! We can't wait to be able to more directly let you know what's going on in the pack. Our newsletter will include stories, updates, and even some sweet deals on dog walking. Want to be involved? Sign up for our newsletter HERE! We're also happy to announce our support for Zack's Relay for Life team, Performers for a Cure! The relay is May 18th this year and you can bet we'll be there walking with Zack against cancer. If you'd like to donate to us, click here.

April 22-

First off, Happy Earth Day! We're already busier than we've ever been. I can't believe it! Part of the Pack is in full swing, and it's only April! We've really enjoyed meeting new friends and pet parents. It's going to be a busy, busy summer!

March 30-

Is it spring, or not? The weather has been pretty shaky, but we've really enjoyed those few very warm days. It must be spring, though, because we've started walking dogs much more regularly as of late. It's been great to meet new people and new animals. 

March 12-

The weather has been gorgeous lately! We're excited to get back outside more. A lot has changed since our last update. First off, there's been a new addition to the pack! Rachel and her family have gotten a Golden Retriever puppy, named Cooper! You can bet you'll be meeting Cooper soon, as he'll be walking with us all summer. Second, we'd like to send all our love to Yoshi, the rat, who passed away just this morning at 2 years old from a brain tumor. Yoshi, you were a great friend to us all, and I know there are people at Kent's Point, Hawk's Nest, and Thompson's Field that will miss seeing you on my shoulder during our walks. We all love you, Yoshi. Rest in peace, baby boy.

February 25-

We can feel the weather getting warmer already! All of us here at Part of the Pack are itching to hit the trails, and it looks like we'll be able to very soon! It's never too soon to give us a call. We're so excited to start walking again. It will be great to see old friends and make new ones. Don't forget, if you request a $5 off coupon, we'll send you one for your first walk of the season!

January 31-

We're updating our photo gallery to hold more pictures, and we're taking more, too! Tell us what you think about pet photos! We're considering expanding our business to take pet photos as well. Casual ones, of course, we're not professional photographers, but we think it would be fun! Go see some of the great pictures we've gotten so far in our gallery!

January 22-

Our new website has generated a great response from our friends! We've heard what you've got to say, and we really appreciate your views and emails. Part of the Pack is so excited for 2012! We have a promotion going right now to celebrate the start of a new season. If you send us a request with your mailing address, we'll send you a coupon for $5 off your next service from us! We've got a limited number of these coupons, so be sure to contact us soon!

January 19 - 

We're proud to announce our new website location,! It's a little shorter and a little neater and the website is very much improved from our old version. We've added a few new pages and lots of new features and we're really excited about it! Feel free to give comments or ask questions about our new look at our email We love hearing from you, even if it's just to tell us you like what we've done with the place. We are so SO excited about starting to walk again this Summer. We can't wait to see all those familiar doggie faces and hopefully shake some new paws when Cape Cod starts to thaw out!

January 16-

It's been a slow winter for Part of the Pack and we're excited to get back on track. It's not too early to call us about summer walking. First come first serve! We'd love to talk with you about walking with us in the future. Even if you just want to drop us an email saying hello, letting us know you might be interested, or that you enjoy our website! Since we're located in Centerville right now, we haven't done much walking. Our crew has been working hard at our jobs and taking care of our own pets and families this winter. We hope you've all stayed warm! 

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We are qualified to care for most types of pets from our own experience. We are experienced with dogs, cats, rodents (rats are a specialty), some reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fish. Please inquire if you're curious about what we've done before or are willing to do. We want to go above and beyond for you, but we would never say we were capable of something we weren't. Just ask us! 

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